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VIDEO: Dear Diary Day

South Florida comics celebrate National Dear Diary Day and offer some entries in this comedy video.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Back in the day people – mostly teenagers – told their innermost thoughts to their diary. National Dear Diary Day, September 22, 2021, remembers those days fondly.

Never at a loss for words, some of South Florida comics were quick to offer their most closely guarded thoughts and feelings on this national day that celebrates journals of all kinds.

Comics Zach Bugarin, Nico Bolling, Tim Hanlon, Steve Lamm, Phil Isme and Flip Schultz have a little fun with their diary experiences in this funny video clip. Truthfully it sounds a bit like Bolling and Schultz may have some unresolved issued. Maybe talking about it on video will help.

Why honor diaries and journals in this manner? According to National Day Calendar, studies have found that writing ones thoughts reduces stress, improves vocabulary and can help people mentally work through difficult issues.

Journal writing also offers writers a glimpse into how they’ve grown emotionally and intellectually over a period of time.

How should people celebrate National Dear Diary Day? For starters, those who don’t keep diaries may want to consider starting one today.

Those who already keep a journal may want to use the day to look back on entries from years past to see whether they have grown at all. Or they could write a second journal entry on this day dedicated to defining what their diary means to them.

Or, simply click on the Dear Diary Day video above and let the South Florida comics do all the work.

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