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VIDEO: Nadeem Awad’s Comedy With A Kick

Nadeem Awad shows off his admittedly bad comedy moves and responds to an unexpected interruption in this stand-up comedy performance video.

by Chuck king

DANIA BEACH – Nadeem Awad’s latest Dania Improv stand-up comedy performance had a little extra kick to it.

One of South Florida’s most recognizable stand-up comedians, Awad’s headlining performance included an off-the-cuff bit where he explained his propensity to show off his bad karate moves during random nights at bars.

As part of the bit, Awad demonstrated his “best” karate kicks. Let’s just say that Bruce Lee wouldn’t have been too impressed. But, hey, not all drunken moves are successful. That’s the point.

The bit got plenty of laughs. Then, the unexpected happened.

As Awad finished finished his kick show, the sound booth accidentally started playing a song over the loudspeaker. Awad’s reaction to the unexpected interruption had the audience rolling.

Awad had planned a bit later in the show that included the sound booth playing a song. The song that played during this video wasn’t the right song, and wasn’t played at the proper time. The unplanned interruption could have thrown many comics. Not this time.

As he so often does, Awad took something that could have been awkward and made it funny.

Part of his response included Awad chatting with DJ Collision, who played music as the audience filed into the show. Collision was not the cause of the inadvertent sound.

Want to see more of Nadeem Awad’s stand-up comedy? He will be a featured comic on Wednesday, April 26 at the Movies of Delray in Delray Beach. That show is headlined by Al Ernst. The following night he’ll perform at the Biergarten in Boca Raton. Both are Sadman Comedy Productions shows.

Applause Break recorded the above video on March 8, 2023 at the Dania Improv.

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