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VIDEO: Punctuate the Week

A semicolon or a a comma? South Florida comics celebrate National Punctuation Day in this timely and hilarious video.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Let’s hear it for punctuation!

Why? Because, at its best, punctuation makes life easier for everyone.

It’s also the day for punctuation.

September 24, 2021 is National Punctuation Day, (we think a comma goes there) and South Florida comedians know how to celebrate it.

Comics Robb Kalert, Matt Ross, Jackie Sanchez, John Loveless, Steve Lamm, Nico Bolling and Flip Schultz offer their often hilarious takes on punctuation in this funny video. No one is sure why Ross harbors such disdain for punctuation. Leave it to Bolling to love something obscure. Loveless appears to be talking about something entirely different.

The folks at National Day Calendar suggest that people wanting to participate in National Punctuation Day try to find unique way to punctuate their sentences.

Other suggestions for National Punctuation Day include spending the day critiquing others’ mistakes, scanning contracts for a misplaced comma that might be to your benefit, or writing an email with a single error and challenge your friends to find it.

At Applause Break we elected to create the above video with South Florida comics honoring National Punctuation Day, first celebrated in 2004.

These clips were recorded at bars and comedy clubs in Lake Worth and Pompano Beach, Florida.

Those who really want to get into punctuation may want to read Lynne Truss’s book: Eats, Shoots and Leaves – a surprisingly interesting and entertaining book about the virtues of punctuation.

This video is part of a series by ApplauseBreak.com highlighting the national days of celebration.

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