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VIDEO: Single, Ready To Mingle

South Florida comics explain humorously how they plan to celebrate National Singles Day in this funny video.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – If you’re single and, perhaps, ready to mingle, this is your day.

In 2021, Saturday, Sept. 25 is National Singles Day.

South Florida comics had plenty to say about how they intend to celebrate National Singles Day. In the above video, veteran Sunshine State comics Steve Lamm, Nik Macik, Zach Bugarin, Tim Hanlon, Nico Bolling and Flip Schultz all provide some comedic insight into their plans for National Singles Day. Some are more enthusiastic than others. And Lamm may be a little confused about the true meaning of the day.

National Singles Day, first observed in the 1980s, is held on the Saturday of a bigger time for singles – National Singles Week. Millions of people – whether they like it or not – will have the opportunity to celebrate National Singles Day. Approximately half of the nation currently identifies as single.

According to National Day Calendar, National Singles Day “not only celebrates the accomplishments of singles but aims to break down myths surrounding the single lifestyle. Most singles don’t go through life depressed and directionless. Their social lives are active and full of purpose. They contribute actively to their communities and pursue long-range goals. While some may prefer solitude, others seek interests outside their work-life while staying connected to friends and family.”

To celebrate National Singles Day, singles can host a singles event; post on social media why they are happy to be single; or simply head to bar where singles tend to hang out and try not to be single – even if it’s for just one night.

In the video, the South Florida comics also offer some ideas for the day – which Applause Break does not necessarily condone.

For those who aren’t single, Saturday offers a plethora of National Days to celebrate. Sept. 25, 2021 is also National Quesadilla Day – which might work well with Lamm’s plans for Singles Day – National Daughter’s Day, National One-Hit Wonder Day and National Comic Book Day.

Whichever National Day you identify with, get out there and celebrate.

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