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Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner

Seetha takes a bite out of South Florida comedy by winning Thursday's Turkey Contest at the Dania Improv.

by Chuck king

DANIA BEACH – Never before has a vegetarian been so ecstatic to win a turkey.

Seetharaman Radhakrishnan, who preforms under the moniker “Seetha”, couldn’t stop grinning following the revelation that he’d won Thursday’s Turkey Contest at the Dania Improv.

“It means everything to me because I am a vegetarian,” Seetha said, smiling. “Maybe I will look at meat eating after this because I think the universe is telling me, Eat The Meat! It will make you more funny.”

Upon hearing his name, Seetha made a beeline for the stage, gleefully accepted the turkey from host Matt Durndak. Seetha raised the 15-pound turkey above his head, pretended to take a bite out of it, and and attempted to swallow it hole. (As a vegetarian, he may not know they are supposed to be cooked, first.)

Seetha hopes winning the Turkey Contest is the start of events that alter more than his diet.

Having only been performing stand-up comedy for a couple of years, winning the turkey – and the $100 that accompanied it – offered Seetha validation that he deserved to perform on one of the biggest stages in South Florida.

“This stage and this crowd is a game changer,” Seetha said.

Thursday marked the first time Seetha ever stepped on an Improv stage.

“This is the World Famous Improv,” Seetha said. “This is it man. I came to comedy by watching “An Evening at Improv.” This night, I will not forget it. This has been the best night.”

The Improv’s Turkey Contest is open to South Florida comics who fall into the category of “open micers,” loosely defined as comics who don’t weekly performing gigs. To participate comics needed to bring at least 10 audience members to the show.

Seetha defeated 10 other comics to claim Thursday’s prize. An audience vote determined the winner.

Thursday marked the second of two Turkey Contests held at the Dania Improv this week. Tim Krajewski won Wednesday’s contest. In total, about two dozen comics participated over the two nights.


“I can’t ask for a better turnout,” contest organizer Jay Guy said. “I can’t ask for a better audience. The energy was crazy both shows. Everybody brought their best stuff. The comics, I can tell they are growing.”

South Florida comics will have one more chance to take home the turkey this year. The Palm Beach Improv will host its Turkey Contest on Thursday, Nov. 18 beginning at 8 p.m.

A limited number of spots are still available for comics who want to perform.

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