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iPossessed Reaches Another Milestone

South Florida comic Carl Rimi's movie iPossessed shoots final location scene, nearing completion.

by Chuck king

NORTH PALM BEACH – Carl Rimi now has a target date for completion of his movie, iPossessed.

Rimi’s been hesitant for months about publicly discussing a time frame for the movie, but now he’s expecting to have the movie ready for the screen in less than three months.

“Hopefully by the end of the year,” Rimi said,

Rimi and crew did most of their filming in April and May on location in Lake Placid, Fl. The group broke camp with two location scenes still needing to be recorded. Rimi shot that final location scene on Oct. 3 in Port St. Lucie, turning a vacant property into an Iraq War set.

To make the combat scenes as realistic as possible, Rimi’s been working with former U. S. Army sniper Sanfa L. Johnson.

“We had an actual sniper on set that kind of dressed us up to the nines – legit – and gave the intricacies of the whole sniper scene,” Rimi said.

Johnson, who ultimately assumed a role in the movie, consulted on that final location shoot.

“One of our [Directors of Photography] said, ‘Is that the reaction,’” Rimi said. “I think he said, ‘Yeah, I haven’t seen a guy get shot in the face that didn’t make that reaction’. We were like, aahh, alright. I told some jokes last night. I had bad traffic coming up here. This guy’s seen some shit.”

There’s still one more iPossessed scene to be shot, but that will be done in a studio. Rimi said that he and director Jerry Sommer are nearly complete with the movie’s rough edit. When that’s done they will send the movie to Los Angeles for addition post production touches and the writing of the score.

Upon completion, Rimi will host a couple test showings before making the final cuts.

While all that can be completed by January 1, it’s unlikely that iPossessed will be seen by the general public until the spring – at the earliest.

Rimi won’t begin submitting the movie to festivals until it’s complete.


“We’re going to search for the top tier festivals and see what the deadlines,” Rimi said. “We’re not trying to make a deadline. We’re just trying to do it right. However long it takes. If we have to miss stuff, so be it.”

Now that the editing process is nearing completion, Rimi plans to become more visible within the South Florida comedy scene.

This past week he appeared twice at the Palm Beach Improv – once for a corporate show, the other a public show – and headlined the Lettuce Laugh show at Farmer’s Table in North Palm Beach that benefited Comics Crushing Cancer.

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