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STAND-UP RUNDOWN: The Unfinished Joke

A new book encourages comedians to continue to refine their bits even after they begin producing laughter.

by Chuck king

A joke that works isn’t necessarily complete.

That’s one of the principles Adam Bloom preaches in this new book “Finding Your Comedic Genius,” a how-to book written to aid comedians.

As part of his thesis, Bloom argues that too many comedians quit developing their jokes once they get laughter. Instead of thinking, “why mess with something that’s working?” Bloom suggests that comedians should continuously strive to make good jokes even better.

He has a point. Most of the best comedians do this.

Today’s Stand-Up Spotlight also takes note of a new Dave Chappelle-produced comedy special starring Luenell available on Netflix; there’s a review of a recent San Francisco comedy festival that seemed to leave much to be desired; and there’s a story about Joe Pera’s new comedy special.

Make hump day a funny one.

STAND-UP SPOTLIGHT – September 20, 2023

Finding Your Comic Genius

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Chances are that when you’re watching a comedian in full flow, you won’t be thinking about see-saws, balloons, balls and cubes. But those are the kinds of analogies stand-up Adam Bloom deploys the latest contribution to the vast litany of ‘how to’ books on the topic of comedy.

See-saws are how he believes punchlines should be constructed for most impact, with more syllables one site of a pivotal point that another. A popping balloon is the tension of a joke’s build-up suddenly releasing in an explosive moment of laughter. And balls and cubes are too types of gag – a ball rolls freely whatever the circumstances, a cube needs a hefty nudge from a ball to make it move.

A Dave Chappelle-Produced Stand-Up Comedy Special Starring Luenell Is Coming to Netflix

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Get ready for a night of endless laughter because Luenell is coming to Netflix with her first-ever comedy special. On Wednesday (Sept. 13), the streaming giant announced that Oakland comedian’s new special will premiere globally on Sept. 26.


Titled Chappelle’s Home Team — Luenell: Town Business, the special is the latest in a series of stand-alone comedy specials executive produced by Dave Chappelle. Each special features comedians chosen and spotlighted by Chappelle himself. The Chappelle’s Home Team series launched on Feb. 28, 2022, with a special from Earthquake, a comedian hailing from Washington, D.C.

San Francisco Got Roasted—and Celebrated—at Comedy Day in Golden Gate Park

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:More than four dozen comedians spent a sun-drenched Sunday filling Golden Gate Park’s Robin Williams Meadow with heart, happiness and a lot of humor at the 42nd annual Comedy Day.

The event saw multiple local and regional comics take to the stage, squinting against the sunlight and good-naturedly poking fun at dating, marriage, parenting, pets, jobs and more.

Comedian Joe Pera Heading To YouTube With New Special ‘Joe Pera: Slow & Steady’

Like most rising star comics today, looking to further build their audience while reaping due rewards for their work, Joe Pera is self-releasing his latest special, Joe Pera: Slow & Steady, taking it directly to YouTube. Taped to a packed house at The Opera House of Williamsburg on June 15th, his new hour will premiere on Friday, October 6th at 8:00pm ET, exclusively on his YouTube channel @JoePeraComedy.

Slow & Steady was independently financed and produced and comes to the internet following the conclusion of Pera’s cult favorite Adult Swim series, Joe Pera Talks With You. Little has been revealed about the subject matter he’ll address, but it will of course be marked by Pera’s singular slow, gentle style as, more or less, the Mister Rogers of comedy.

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