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STAND-UP RUNDOWN: Comic’s Books Coming

Many well-known comedians are primed to release memoirs this fall. The Stand-Up Spotlight includes a list.

by Chuck king

As the calendar flips to September, approximately a dozen comedians are preparing for the release of their memoirs.

Such books make for interesting reading because they often offer more insight into the minds of top comedians – the joke writing process, their pre-show routine and such.

A story detailing some of the most anticipated upcoming releases leads today’s Stand-Up Spotlight. Gary Gulman’s “Misfit” immediately caught Applause Break’s attention. That figures to be one excellent read.

Heading into Labor Day weekend, the Spotlight also offers a breakdown one of Jim Gaffigan’s most popular bits (Hoooot Pocket!); a feature about Leanne Morgan’s career, and a preview of Dale Elliot’s upcoming show in Coral Springs.

While enjoying the long weekend. Remember to spread the funny around.

STAND-UP SPOTLIGHT: September 1, 2023

Which Fall 2023 Comedian Memoir Is Right for You?

STAND-UP SPOTLIGHT:While it’s always changing in deference to trends, tastes, and tech, the publishing industry still traditionally releases certain books at certain times. Self-help books come out at New Year’s–resolution time, frothy beach reads hit in the summer, the high-profile celebrity memoirs arrive in the fall — many of those written by comedians. Maybe it’s because we associate comedians with the fall TV season, but it’s probably because memoirs with a famous face and name on the cover make excellent gifts, and getting them out in the early fall provides ample buying opportunity for the encroaching holiday season.

Jim Gaffigan’s Most Popular Joke Is a Stand-up Master Class

STAND-UP SPOTLIGHT:I first saw Jim Gaffigan perform in 2013 at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles for a hundred skinny 20-something hipsters. He was older than anyone else on the bill by ten years, and he was wearing a bright canary-yellow T-shirt one might charitably describe as a little too tight. I was worried the audience might reject a mainstream dad-comic known for working “clean,” but Gaffigan was ready. The first words out of his mouth were an impression of a skeptical audience member reacting to his entrance. “Look at that shirt,” he whispered, earning a solid laugh. “He’s trying to look young,” he added for another, and then went for the jugular — “He’s fat” — to applause. Not only had he won over the crowd in less than a minute, he was already killing, and he hadn’t even talked as “himself.”

Leanne Morgan Turned Her Night Sweats and ‘Chicken Fuzz’ Hair Into Netflix Special Comedy Gold


Comedian Leanne Morgan drew from what she knew when she first began telling jokes as a young mom selling jewelry for pocket cash at house parties in East Tennessee.

With three kids under the age of five, Morgan peppered her early routines with tales of hemorrhoids, night nursing and “not knowing my own name I was so tired,” she says. “Raising babies was my main thing.”

So when perimenopause hit after she’d become a professional stand-up comic some 20 years later, it was only natural to work her brain fog, hot flashes (“I sweat like I’ve been doing Zumba all night”) and hormonal imbalances into her set. “I’ve always been honest and I’ve always talked about everything. I talked about my body and what it was going through,” says Morgan, 57, who has called herself the “Mrs. Maisel of Appalachia”. “Perimenopause is one of the hardest things—it sneaks up on you, and you feel crazy. So I had to talk about it.”

Comedian Dale Elliott to Perform at Coral Springs Center for the Arts in September

STAND-UP SPOTLIGHT:South Florida is gearing up to experience an evening of side-splitting laughter as Jamaican comedy phenomenon Dale Elliott takes the stage at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts ( 2855 Coral Springs Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33065) on Saturday, September 16, 2023 at 11pm. With an uncanny ability to blend relatability and cultural humor, Dale has risen to meteoric fame both within the Caribbean diaspora and globally. His uproarious skits and infectious charm have solidified his position as a household name within the Caribbean diaspora and beyond.



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