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Comedy isn't limited to the young. Many successful comedians didn't launch their careers until reaching middle age.

by Chuck king

Comedy isn’t solely a young person’s game.

South Florida open mic stages are filled with comedians of all ages – most with dreams of stardom.

It’s never too late to launch a comedy career. Want proof? Today’s Stand-Up Spotlight leads with a story listing four comedians who never saw a stage prior to their 30th birthday. Heck, local comedian Jim Patterson had reached retirement before he began performing. Feeling funny? Go for it.

The Spotlight includes news that Paul Reiser is finally planning a new special; Taylor Tomlinson landed a new gig; and there’s now a date for the release of Matt Rife’s new Netflix special.

Be the funny for all ages.

STAND-UP SPOTLIGHT – November 2, 2023

4 Stand-Up Comics Who Didn’t Start Until They Were Older Than 30

Thinking about starting a career in stand-up comedy but worried that you’re way too old to get started? You can take some inspiration from these four stand-up comedians who didn’t start cracking wise behind a microphone until after they were on the other side of 30. Even if you don’t find them all that funny, they’re at least living proof that it’s never too late to start joking around.

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Paul Reiser Sets New Stand-Up Special With Comedy Dynamics, His First In 30+ Years

Comedy Dynamics is set to produce a new comedy special from Paul Reiser — the first from the veteran performer in more than 30 years, which will tape live at the Newman Center for Performing Arts in Denver, CO on November 17.

Details as to topics he’ll cover in the special haven’t been disclosed. But his latest comes on the heels of Paul Reiser: 3 ½ Blocks from Home and Paul Reiser: Out on a Whim, which were respectively released in 1991 and 1987. “People don’t always believe me when I tell them that getting out and doing standup is the most fun part of all these projects,” Reiser told Deadline. “But it’s always been my first love and I’m so excited to be doing another special!”

Taylor Tomlinson to host ‘After Midnight’ on CBS, filling ‘Late Late Show’ slot


CBS confirmed that a new take on the late-night panel game show “@midnight” will take over James Corden‘s “Late Late Show” time slot starting next year, and it will be hosted by Taylor Tomlinson.

At the taping of “The Late Show” on Wednesday, the comedian joined Stephen Colbert, where he made the announcement that Tomlinson would host “After Midnight.” Tomlinson is known for her Netflix stand-up comedy specials, “Look At You” and “Quarter Life Crisis.” The new series is set to premiere in early 2024, but an exact date has not been announced. It will air on CBS at 12:37 a.m. Pacific and stream on Paramount+.

Matt Rife: Natural Selection Netflix Special Gets Streaming Release Date

Matt Rife, whom fans may recognize as the funny, handsome, and totally unhinged comedian on TikTok and various social media platforms, will be gracing Netflix soon with his own stand-up comedy special, titled Matt Rife: Natural Selection. Set to hit the streamer on November 15, Rife executive produced the hour-long special himself, alongside Christina Shams.

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