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STAND-UP RUNDOWN: Cross-Country Comedy

On the first Monday in November, the Stand-Up Spotlight examines the comedy scence in five different cities outside of Florida.

by Chuck king

Every so often the Stand-Up Spotlight likes to survey the nation to examine some comedy scenes outside of South Florida.

This is one such time.

The Spotlight falls first upon Cleveland, where the latest edition of its annual comedy festival is about to begin. There’s also a festival currently underway in New York that’s drawn particular interest from the west coast.

Features about the comedy scenes in couple Midwest cities, Madison, Wisc., and Minneapolis, follow those festivals. And for those planning a trip to Boston, the spotlight concludes with a story highlighting the Beantown comedy clubs.

Funny can be found just about anywhere.


Laugh-out-loud fun promised at upcoming 16th Annual Cleveland Comedy Festival

If you’re looking for laugh-out-loud entertainment, the 16th Annual Cleveland Comedy FeSTAND-UP RUNDOWN:stival invites you to their shows planned Nov. 8–11 at 78 Street Studios, near Cleveland’s Gordon Square Arts District.

Festival Director Kyle Haunhurst said more than 50 comics from across the U.S. and Canada will be performing on a variety of shows.

L.A. comics prepare to invade the New York Comedy Festival. Here’s our list of the ones to watch

With over 200 comedians in more than 100 shows over 10 days across five boroughs, the New York Comedy Festival returns Nov. 3-12. Featuring the funniest acts from around the country, it’s a chance to jump from venue to venue to see a mix of established greats alongside rising stars, including some favorites from the Los Angeles comedy scene.


Did you hear the one about the Wisconsin town with all the comedy shows?

Sasha Rosser never imagined herself as a comedian.

It wasn’t until her life started to fall apart, she said, that she was introduced to Madison’s vibrant comedy scene.

“I feel like so many people get into comedy because their life has fallen apart and comedy is a refuge and a cathartic outlet,” Rosser said. “I went through a rough marriage and I did not like my job and I started looking for any excuse to go out and meet new people.”

The Twin Cities comedy scene from the view of women comics

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Four years ago, BBC News published an article titled “Men are funnier than women, study claims.” It referenced researchers who found that 63 percent of men were funnier than women.

The stereotype that women are not funny existed before this research was published, but that hasn’t blocked out women from the comedy scene in the Twin Cities. Stereotypes about female comedians present them with a few more challenges than their male counterparts.

Check Out These 8 Comedy Clubs In Boston To Get Your Laugh On

Has the world got you hiding under the covers? Turn off the news and turn up the laughs. Now, more than ever we need a little comic relief. I have long been a fan of going to see live comics. It’s really the best night out with friends. Grab some food, raise a glass and chuckle the night away. Check out these 8 comedy clubs in Boston to get your laugh on.

There was a time that Boston had a booming comedy seen. The Comedy Connection at Faneuil Hall was a favorite for many years before it sold. There was Duck Soup in the theatre district, and countless other spots to see the talented artists who bring tears to our eyes. Tears of laughter, of course. Well, it certainly seems as though the comedy scene around here is back and booming.




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