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STAND-UP RUNDOWN: Nate’s Big Night

Nate Bargatze hosts Saturday Night Live, delivering a bag full of treats among a horror-themed night.

by Chuck king

Nate Bargatze’s first time hosting Saturday Night Live proved buzzworthy.

By most accounts, his monologue and subsequent performances were well received by fans of the show and critics.

Maybe he did well enough to earn another appearance. After all, SNL needs all the help it can get these days.

Today’s Stand-Up Spotlight leans heavily on Bargatze’s big night. It leads with a review of the episode, followed by a story about his preparation for the show, and a feature on the comic himself.

Not all comedy news, however, is good. The Spotlight concludes with an examination of what made recently deceased actor Matthew Perry so funny.

It’s another reminder that funny can be fleeting.

STAND-UP SPOTLIGHT – October 30, 2023

Saturday Night Live recap: Nate Bargatze hosts frighteningly funny Halloween episode

Usually, episodes like tonight produce sketches that tap into the macabre. SNL has a storied history of this, like David S. Pumpkins or the infamous Fear performance. Horror comedy is an illusive brand of humor, lots of hits and a ton of misses. I am joined tonight by former cast member Gary Kroeger. His favorite horror comedy is Beetlejuice, which is fitting as one of his first SNL episodes back in season 8 was hosted by Michael Keaton… on Oct. 30, the Halloween show. He says: “All I remember about the Michael Keaton show is that I thought we let him down. He was there every day staying late, fully committed to being part of the process, but I don’t think the show showcased his talent very well.”

How Pete Davidson, Jerry Seinfeld And More Helped Nate Bargatze With His SNL Hosting Debut

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:After building a devoted fanbase through a series of stand-up specials, comedian Nate Bargatze is gearing up for his Saturday Night Live debut. Of course, like many SNL first-timers, Bargatze turned to previous hosts for some advice about taking on the gig. Now, in preparation for his hosting debut, the comedian opened up about getting help from Pete Davidson, Jerry Seinfeld, and more.


SNL Host Nate Bargatze Is Known as “The Nicest Man in Stand-Up.” Here’s Why

Nate Bargatze is the name on everyone’s mind this week as he’s set to host the Saturday Night Live Halloween episode on October 28 along with musical guest the Foo Fighters. While he has an army of loyal fans, he’s not as much of a household name as some past SNL hosts like Kim Kardashian or Travis Kelce. So, who is Nate Bargatze and what can we expect from him on Saturday night?

Matthew Perry’s comic delivery was as great as that of any stand-up

In the episode of Friends titled The One Where Heckles Dies, Chandler Bing is affected by the death of Mr Heckles, who lived upstairs, and who died, it turns out, lonely and unloved. Chandler becomes terrified that he’ll suffer a similar fate, on account of his shallow tendency to become obsessed with tiny physical and/or psychological details of every potential life partner – weird nostrils, big head, liking the wrong music – whom he ever meets.

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