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By combining a love for stand-up comedy and late night talk shows one Washington man is forging his own path.

by Chuck king

A Washington stand-up comedian realized he wasn’t as funny as he wanted to be, so he changed his game.

Rather than relying solely on his stand-up chops, Jackson Graham decided to create a live talk show as a vehicle for his jokes.

“Repeating Gossip” gave him stage time at local clubs, and the show is gaining popularity in the Pacific Northwest. It leads today’s Stand-Up Spotlight because tweaking an act could serve as a model for South Florida comics who aren’t experiencing the success they expected.

A couple days ago the Spotlight included a couple not-so-positive reviews of Bill Burr’s new Netflix film “Old Dads.” Well, that hasn’t stopped Burr’s directorial debut from becoming Netflix’s most watched offering. Heather McMahon also has a comedy special on Netflix, and there’s a review of the show below.

Finally, there’s news that Hasan Minhaj is no longer in the running to host the “Daily Show.”

Find a way to be funny and go for it.

STAND-UP SPOTLIGHT – October 25, 2023

Repeating Gossip Brings Late-Night Variety To Live Audiences Every Month

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:For the past several months, Jackson Graham has been blending the timeless appeal of live theatre with the tried-and-true late-night television talk show formula. The result is a show called Repeating Gossip, which you can catch monthly at Bellingham’s The Blue Room.

Born in Bellevue, Graham has lived “all around Washington” also calling Kirkland, Duvall, Redmond, and Woodinville home. He’s currently a senior year at Western Washington University, majoring in English Literature with minors in French and history, and plans to attend graduate school for translation or teaching.

New Bill Burr Comedy Dominates Netflix Top 10

Bill Burr’s new comedy Old Dads is proving to be a hit for Netflix. The new film is currently dominating Netflix’s Top 10 films for the week with more than 23 million hours viewed and 13.3 million views overall. Trailing behind in the number two spot is The Devil on Trial with 11 million hours viewed and 8 million views while Gemini Man comes in third with 14.3 million hours viewed and 7.3 views. Old Dads debuted on Netflix on October 20th.


Heather McMahan shines in debut Netflix stand-up comedy special

Laughing through the pain. That was comedian Heather McMahan’s approach as she talked through childhood growing pains and losing her father in her first Netflix comedy special, “Son I Never Had,” which dropped Tuesday.

While McMahan’s comedic fame may have originated from funny Instagram videos and her podcast “Absolutely Not,” her physical comedy and voice impressions allow her to take full command of the stage in her debut special.

Hasan Minhaj Is Reportedly Out of the Running to Host The Daily Show

The next Daily Show host will reportedly not be Hasan Minhaj. Puck News’ Matthew Belloni writes that the comedian and Daily Show alum—at one time considered a front-runner for the job—is no longer in the running.

According to Belloni’s entertainment industry newsletter “What I’m Hearing,” Minhaj has been told by execs at Paramount Global, Comedy Central’s parent company, that he would not be getting the Daily Show host gig vacated by Trevor Noah last year. “Minhaj would have been announced as the new TDS host this summer had the strike not intervened,” wrote Belloni. “Instead, both sides sat on the announcement, and then…disaster.”

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