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The oldest recorded joke in history deals with a subject that is all too familiar throughout comedy's past.

by Chuck king

Apparently those poop jokes that permeate schoolyards have a long and rich history.

A carving from ancient Babylonian times is believed to contain history’s oldest recorded joke. It’s a joke about flatulence.

Considering the joke is thousands of years old, it stands to reason that nearly ever permutation of fart and poop jokes has already been made. That means it’s probably time for comedians to stop including such jokes in their sets.

A couple weeks back the Stand-Up Spotlight led with a story about how the platform OnlyFans is courting comedy. Well, today’s Spotlight contains news that Whitney Cummings is releasing her upcoming special on OnlyFans. There’s also a story about Nate Bargatze using his magician father as an opening act, and Screenrant’s ranking of Bill Burr films.

Make the funny new again.

STAND-UP SPOTLIGHT – October 24, 2023

Would you laugh at the oldest joke in history?

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:The first joke ever in history is a toilet joke.

Yes, seriously!

Dating back to ancient Babylonia (situated in the central-southern Mesopotamia, roughly in the area of modern-day Iraq) and proving that gags involving flatulencies are truly as old as time itself, the oldest joke recorded is a proverb warning new husbands about their flatulent bride.

Whitney Cummings’ 6th Stand-Up Special to Premiere on OnlyFans

OnlyFans TODAY announces that Whitney Cummings’ next stand-up special “MOUTHY” will be released as an OFTV original, premiering exclusively on the platform on November 15, 2023.


Taped in front of a sold-out live audience at THE COMEDY STORE in Los Angeles this September, the show will be Cummings’ sixth career special and the first stand-up comedy special for OFTV, OnlyFans’ free-to-view, safe-for-work streaming platform and app.

SNL Host Nate Bargatze’s Father Is a Magician Who Opens for Him on Tour

Nate Bargatze is set to host Saturday Night Live on October 28, with Foo Fighters returning for their ninth show as musical guest. We can only hope the episode will bring several new SNL Halloween sketches; after all, David S. Pumpkins made his triumphant return for Season 48 Host Jack Harlow’s October 29, 2022 episode.

Every Bill Burr Movie, Ranked Worst To Best

Comedian Bill Burr is best known for his comedy specials and podcasts but has also appeared in several notable films throughout his career in entertainment. Often regarded as an outspoken and old-school character who is unafraid to challenge the status quo, the Massachusetts-based actor/comedian is celebrated for his hilarious, off-the-cusp antics and one-liners. In recent years, the 55-year-old has emerged as one of the most popular voices in comedy and has also made several unexpected cameos in prominent television series.


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