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Good Reason To Smile

With a role on the hit TV show Cobra Kai and a forthcoming comedy special, Bret Ernst is emerging from the pandemic hotter than ever.

by Chuck king
Bret Ernst. Cobra Kai, cousin louie

WEST PALM BEACH – A comedy special is coming, his character appears on one of the most popular television shows, and the Dallas Cowboys are playing well.

Life is good – and will likely only get better in the coming months – for Bret Ernst.

Netflix will debut Season Four of its hit show Cobra Kai in December.

For the third time in four seasons, Ernst’s character, the lovable goon Cousin Louie, has a recurring role.

“He doesn’t really grow as much as you just see different aspects of him,” Ernst said of Louie’s character development. “At the end of the day he loves his family. He’s just a bit of a jerkoff. He does stupid sh*t. But he means well.”

Cobra Kai has already entered production for Season Five, and once again Cousin Louie is part of the plot.

“It’s good to still be part of it instead of Season 1 and that’s it,” Ernst said. “The writers have been really cool. They’re loyal guys, too.”

And that’s only the beginning of what stands to be a monumental end of 2021 for Ernst.

New Bret Ernst Comedy Special Coming Soon

Ernst is also in the final stages of preparing his third comedy special, expected to be titled “Domesticated Animal,” for release.

It will be Ernst’s third full-length comedy special, and like the previous one – “Principal’s Office” is approaching 4 million views – Ernst is self-producing it for his YouTube channel.

“Because I put it out myself, I own it,” Ernst said. “That’s what you want. And I realized that when I did other stuff with other networks. Whenever you would go to share it you would get flagged because they own it.”

That control will allow Ernst to use pieces of the production as marketing tools.


“The ultimate goal is to sell tickets,” Ernst said. “You want people to come to your shows. That’s the thing that’s been growing for me.”

Proof of that growth could be seen last week when Ernst, who claims South Florida as one of his home towns, played five shows at the Palm Beach Improv to rave reviews.

Ernst spent much of the pandemic in South Florida, performing frequently at local bars and restaurants in an effort to remain fresh. Now he’s back living primarily in Las Vegas, where Ernst has a residency at the LA Comedy Club within the Strat Hotel and Casino.

“What’s great about Vegas crowds is they’re crowds from all over the world,” Ernst said. “They are from all over America. You get different demographics from top to bottom, and it’s a good thing. You’re not playing to one group.”

Ernst Continues To Grow Stand-Up Audience

Ernst is booked for shows nation wide nearly every weekend throughout the remainder of the year, including four shows at the Miami Improv on Nov. 26-27. Ernst will also perform at the Laughing Spree festival in Boca Raton, held Dec. 3-4.

And he’s landing more acting gigs, too. Ernst recently appeared in an episode of Hulu TV’s Tacoma FD. And there are several other projects in the works that Ernst isn’t yet ready to discuss publicly.

The topper? Dallas defeated New England in overtime on Sunday to improve to 5-1 and take a three-game lead in the NFC East.

“Cowboys are playing well, yeah,” said Ernst, sporting a big grin. “Usually I am miserable by now.”

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