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Gang Greene

Skippy Greene's April Fools' performance at the Biergarten thrills some, chills others, wins in the end.

by Chuck king

BOCA RATON – Skippy Greene’s comedy is not for everyone.

Greene, a character played by comic Flip Schultz, already knew that.

He didn’t need a reminder but received one anyway during Thursday’s show at the Biergarten in Boca Raton.

WARNING: Video contains foul language.

Booked as the headliner on Sadman Comedy Productions’ April Fools’ show, Greene encountered an audience that wasn’t entirely on board with his bombastic, raunchy persona.

One table of two older women, sitting with their husbands, shot laser beams with their eyes, attempting to end Greene’s set prematurely.

“Did you see those 70 year old broads?” Greene said afterward? “Hooking up with them would be like going down on lasagna.”

Midway through Greene’s 25-minute set the two women and one of the men walked out of the restaurant.

“As a comic you need to exude confidence,” Schultz said after Greene had left the building. “When you are in the guise of a character that’s edgy – to say the least – you want to know that everyone’s enjoying it otherwise it’s just an awful feeling. When they left, that’s when I started to relax a little.”

After the walkout, Greene decided to do a little crowd work, chatting up the man who remained at the table. That generated several laughs, and the show was back on track.

It even had a happy ending – of sorts.

Greene closed the show by singing a raunchy number he wrote about oral sex entitled “Man About Town.”

He was barely a few lines into the number when the threesome returned to their table. Realizing that the walk-in might distract the audience, Greene stopped the music and decided to address the situation head on.

“I’m like, no, no, I’m going to beat them to the punch, call the elephant in the room, and then start over,” Schultz said. “It worked to my advantage by doing that.”

The audience loved crowd work and the song, and it appeared to win over at least one of women who walked out. She applauded at the bit’s conclusion.

“I thought it went better than it could have gone,” Greene said. “All things considered it was a pretty decent show. Thank you to the Biergarten. And thank you to the hot girl who bought me a drink.”


VENUE: Biergarten, Boca Raton (April 1, 2021)

Nadeem Awad (Host)
Steve Lamm
Richie Minervini
Zach Bugarin (Feature)
Jimmy Shubert (Drop In)
Skippy Greene (Headliner)

Shubert joked that he was late arriving because his girlfriend was in the hospital following a bizarre modeling pose. …Bugarin kept his word and avoided his religious jokes – except for the one where he thinks he may have met God and the meeting didn’t go well. …After a girl with orange hair explained she colored it because she has daddy issues, Minervini told her he has daughter issues and that they should get together after the show. …Lamm played the Biergarten for the first time, and his deaf accent joke struck the right chord. …Awad filled in admirably for host David Sadman, who was under the weather.

It takes a brave woman to sit near the front of the stage for a Skippy Greene show. Greene constantly found inventive ways to ask Tammi to lick his privates. Every time he went to her, she laughed.

Schultz (as himself) and Awad perform again on Wednesday as part of the Sadman Speakeasy IV show. Don Gavin and Dan Williams co-headline with Schultz. …That same night Shubert is at the Palm Beach Improv, headlining Jackie Sanchez’s Jacked Up comedy show that includes Jay Guy and Jak Ricca. …Comic Rebecca Loveless attended Thursday’s show.

“I figured there was going to be naked chicks here too, to be honest.” – Skippy Greene explaining how his January performance at Monroe’s Red Light prepared him for the Biergarten.

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