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Applause Break Q&A: Nik Macik

From a comedy career launched in Key West to being propositioned on stage, Nik Macik quickly became one of South Florida's funniest comics.

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DELRAY BEACH – One of Applause Break’s missions is to help the South Florida community better get to know some of the areas top comedians. With that in mind, we’ve launched a series of Question & Answer sessions with some of South Florida’s funniest comics.

Meet Nik Macik. He’s been performing for five years, and has already featured for the likes of Chris Cope, Rocky Dale Davis and Jimmy Shubert. Macik also produces comedy shows at the Tin Roof in Delray Beach and Blue Jean Blues in Fort Lauderdale, along with open mics at Spanx the Hog (Mondays) and Bru’s Room (Tuesdays), both located in Pompano Beach.

Why did you start performing stand-up comedy?
My friend Joe Madaus had recently founded Comedy Key West. I was living there at the time and had written a few bits for him and he pushed me to try it out.

Who is your favorite comic and why?
Chad Daniels, he’s got a great perspective on life, and he’s an excellent writer.

What do you do when you’re not performing stand-up comedy? What is your job and hobby?
Have been pursuing acting, I have several projects set to release in 2022 and 2023. Currently writing/developing a comedy series with several other comics.

How often do you write? What’s your process and inspiration?
I write almost every day, everything in life inspires me. I try to approach developing new material from all different possible angles. I’ll write at home. Practice talking a bit out in the shower or the car. But also do a weekly writers group with several other local comics where we workshop each other’s jokes. And most importantly, trying new ideas out onstage at open mics every week.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had and what made it so bad?
Definitely driving Lyft/Uber in South Florida. Almost died several times a day.

What’s your pre-show routine?
I like getting to shows early so I can feel the vibe of the crowd. It helps if you can read the audience before you even step onstage so you can adjust your material/performance based on what they seem to like. Also checking out the venue to see if there’s anything interesting to comment on about the space we’re in.

How do you dress for a performance and why? Describe your look.
“Chic Homeless” probably best describes my look.

What’s the best comedy movie ever and why?
I don’t know about best ever but Neighbors 2 was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

How does your dream performance go?
I have to pause for 5 minutes because someone laughed so hard they choked on their food.

What’s the strangest thing a heckler has ever said to you? How did you respond?
Very drunk woman came up the stage and said “I might take you home later” to which I responded “Eh…you might not.”


What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you at a show?
All the power cut out in the building, lights sound everything. And we just kept going.

Where do you see your comedy in five years?
I’d like to train a dancing bear to tell my jokes for me.

What else should comedy fans know about you?
Definitely not my address.

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