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Changing His Tune

South Florida comic Steve Lamm swapped his ever-present ukulele for a banjo in recent sets, finding success.

by Chuck king

BOCA RATON – Never let it be said that Steve Lamm doesn’t listen to comedy fans.

Twice during his recent tour of the midwest, Lamm ended his set – one-liners punctuated by a strummed ukulele – to have a fan suggest his jokes would be even funnier if he replaced the ukulele with a banjo.

He took their suggestions to heart. Since returning to South Florida, Lamm’s swapped the ukulele for a banjo. Well, technically it’s a banjolele – a miniature banjo.

“I tried it and it sounds nice,” Lamm said.

Beefing up his delivery with a little Deliverance gives Lamm’s set a different feel.

“I like the contrast of the upbeat sound and the direness of some of the jokes,” Lamm said. “It’s an interesting dynamic.”

He’s right. The accompaniment of a banjolele does provide Type 2 Diabetes with an irrepressible zest.

Lamm debuted the banjolele during his May 5 set at the Biergarten. He strummed the banjolele throughout his set, though Lamm did have the ukulele in his truck as a security blanket.

He once again took the stage with the miniature banjo during a fantastic set at Tim Finnegan’s in Delray Beach on May 12.

Moving forward, Lamm isn’t ruling out the possibility of incorporating the banjolele and the ukulele into the same set.

“Some jokes could lend themselves to different instruments,” Lamm said.

Comedy fans interested in hearing Lamm perform with his new instrument can catch him at the Pompano Beach Brewing Company on May 27.


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