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Nearly two years after its recording, comic Casey Peruski's "Doing Pretty Good" is now live on the Dry Bar app.

by Chuck king

FORT PIERCE – Two years in the making Casey Peruski’s Dry Bar special “Doing Pretty Good” is finally available to a national audience.

For Peruski, the finished product is worth the wait.

“It’s a big feather in the cap,” Peruski said. “It’s quite an honor. It’s really motivated me to say, OK, I can be a player, too.”

“Doing Pretty Good” delivers a little more than 25 minutes of clean comedy – a requirement from Dry Bar.

“I’m really happy how it turned out,” Peruski said. “It’s crazy seeing yourself up there in the high quality and multi-camera shoot. And it went pretty much as I remembered it, too, so it wasn’t much of a shock. I think only one joke got cut out.”

Peruski recorded the special in Utah on Feb. 29, 2020.

Prior to the pandemic, Dry Bar was recording some 60 of these specials per year, all during a two-month period. Dry Bar then released a couple specials per week as the year progressed. The pandemic slowed the release, as did some technical issues with the organization’s new app.

Peruski had been told the special would make its debut in early August. After another series of delays, and after spending much of Dec. 4 celebrating his young daughter’s birthday, Peruski checked the Dry Bar app and finally saw that his special had finally gone live.

“A big early Christmas present,” Peruski said. “You open the app and the first poster up was mine. By the time I had recovered form the party I was able to celebrate with that.”

That first night, Peruski’s special appeared along with Kevin Farley and Josh Blue.

“I’m rubbing poster-elbows with them,” Peruski said. “You feel legitimate.”

For the moment, “Doing Pretty Good” can only be viewed via the Dry Bar app, which, offers a seven-day free trial, before requiring a $50-per-year subscription.


In a couple weeks Peruski’s full video will be posted on Dry Bar’s free YouTube channel, which boasts nearly two million subscribers.

Prior to the full publication, Dry Bar used two clips from “”Doing Pretty Good” as part of compilation videos that include other comics. Combined, those compilations have already been viewed more than one million times.

A little more than a year ago Dry Bar posted Florida comic Cam Bertrand’s full special on its YouTube channel. That video now has nearly three million views.

“Hopefully it will continue to move my career forward as I move forward,” Peruski said.

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