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They’re The Joneses

Comics Dale Jones and wife Jodi White providing unique insight into the everyday lives of comics with their "We're The Joneses" videos.

by Chuck king

WEST PALM BEACH – The life of two married comics can be a bit chaotic in an amusing sort of way.

Want proof?

Start keeping up with the Jones.

For more than one year, Dale Jones and his wife, Jodi White, have been documenting their lives three minutes at a time in videos they call “We’re The Joneses.”

“It’s all the insane crap of two comics living at home,” Jones said. “None of it is made up.”

With a quarter century of stand-up comedy on his resume, Jones’ credits include an appearance on NBCs Last Comic Standing. He’s also a regular on Sirius XM’s The Jeff and Larry Channel. Jones came to South Florida last week for a series of shows, including one at the Palm Beach Improv.

White can be seen on the Nick Jr. Channel and as been featured in Today’s Woman magazine. She also recently launched an apparel business, Comedy Couple Tees, geared toward fans of comedy. Her creations – often mocking Jones – make frequent appearances in the weekly videos.

When Jones and White aren’t touring they live in the Atlanta area. Every Sunday they post a three-minute video highlight the lighter moments stemming from routine events in their daily lives.

Jones jumped through hoops at the dog park in one video, showed their property being invaded by birds in another and attempted to run across a pool covering.

“I ran across it and found out you can’t walk on it,” Jones said, laughing, “I busted my ass and got soaking wet.”

In the videos White tends to function as the host while Jones acts (is he really acting?) as the crazy stuntman. His expressive face and peculiar energy work to create a glimpse into their lives that even viewers who despise reality shows can find entertaining.

The production values are sparse, adding to the home movie feel. Anything more would risk giving the videos a contrived feel.

The videos are posted on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Jones (@DaleJonesComic) and White (@JodiWhiteComid).

“It’s two comics acting like morons,” Jones said, “It’s a lot of fun.”

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