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Jimmy Shubert Laces His Clown Shoes

Veteran stand-up comedian Jimmy Shubert intends to turn this weekend's shows in Phoenix in a new album and comedy special called "Clown Shoes."

by Chuck king
Jimmy shubert clown shoes

DELRAY BEACH – It’s a clown’s world – and Jimmy Shubert has the footwear for it.

This week the veteran stand-up comedian heads to Phoenix where he’ll record his latest album and comedy special, titled “Clown Shoes.”

“I am psyched,” Shubert said. “I’ve been working on it for a while.”

Beginning Thursday Shubert will perform six shows over four days at Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy. Video from the shows will be edited together to create Shubert’s sixth stand-up comedy album and fifth video special.

Shubert’s most recent album, 2020’s “Zero Tolerance,” reached No. 1 on the iTunes comedy chart.

“I’ve been working on this material probably for about a year and a half,” Shubert said.

Shubert regularly popped up at South Florida shows over the past couple of months preparing for the recording.

Following the path established by many comics recently, Shubert intends to release the video on YouTube, allowing comedy fans to see it and share it for free.

“It just seems to be the new business model that people will share it and hopefully it will help the attendance at your shows,” Shubert said.

Shubert explained the title is a commentary on the current state of the world.

“It’s like were living upside down, walking through a minefield in clown shoes,” Shubert said. “We live in a ridiculous world and we’re a ridiculous species.”

“Clown Shoes” will feature some of Shubert’s trademark rants, but overall he says it will be more relaxed than previous albums and specials.


“It’s going to be be a little more laid back, like a more vulnerable version,” Shubert said.

The project does not yet have a release date, but mid-to-late summer is a reasonable target.

Shubert figures to be enjoying quite a bit of buzz around that time.

Three movies in which he appears – Jamie Kennedy’s “Don’t Suck,” “Topper,” staring Bryan Callen and “Puppy Love,” starring Hopper Penn – are expected to be released in the coming spring or summer.

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