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That’s The Spirit

South Florida comic Anthony Terzo offers his surprising and hilarious take on Spirit Airlines in this stand-up comedy video clip.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – South Florida comic Anthony Terzo isn’t about to forget his New York roots.

And he looks forward to visiting as frequently as possible with all those family members still living in the Empire State.

As a result, Terzo is a frequent flier. But he’s not one of those business executives earning constant upgrades and the spoils that accompany first class flight.

Nope. Terzo, like most Americans and nearly every comic, travels on a budget.

“I do fly Spirit a lot,” said Terzo, referring to the ultra-low cost airline.

Terzo is not the only comic who’s given Spirit a fly – which explains why the no-frills airline is a constant butt of comics’ jokes.

But Terzo has a bit of a different take.

“It has a bad rap, but at the same time it’s such a deal,” Terzo said.

Terzo delivered his take on flying Spirit airlines during his set at the Wine House Social in Delray Beach, Florida, in September of 2021. He granted Applause Break permission to record that set, and the Anthony Terzo stand-up video clip above comes from that show.

“It was an intimate setting,” Terzo said. “It was dark. Everyone was close up. I thought it was an awesome time.”

Terzo will be taking to the air again soon – though likely not on Spirit this time – flying to Las Vegas to feature for Bret Ernst at the LA Comedy Club located within the The Strat.

He’ll also host for Ernst when the veteran comic and actor on the hit Netflix show Cobra Kai performs at the Palm Beach Improv on Oct. 14-16, a show that features local comic Nadeem Awad.

Terzo also produces the monthly show at the Tin Roof in Delray, which takes places inside the newly added Green Room on the final Monday of every month.

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