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VIDEO: Comics Celebrate New York Day

South Florida comics offer a unique perspective on National New York Day in this humorous video.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Are you in a New York state of mind today? You’re not alone.

Sept. 21, 2021, is National New York Day. With so many New Yorkers either moving south or visiting Sunshine State annually, it’s expected that South Florida comics would have their thoughts on National New York day.

They didn’t disappoint.

When it comes to the Empire State, Anthony Terzo, Phil Isme, Dan Long, Robb Kalert, Jackie Sanchez and Flip Schultz don’t share the same opinions. Being comics, however, they are funny. (Although Schultz may have actually thought the day was National Talk Like A New Yorker Day.)

In the above video, South Florida comics offer Applause Break – and anyone else who watches this comedy video – their thoughts on New York. Maybe this video will provide some ideas on how to celebrate National New York Day. Maybe some will celebrate by moving back to New York.

Why is it National New York Day? Well, in 2017, National Day Calendar gave each of the 50 states its own day of celebration. The run starts on July 4, with the states being listed in the order that they officially joined the union.

New York is one of the nation’s most diverse states. New York City is one of the best known cities in the world. New York also boasts the Catskills, Niagara Falls, Ellis Island, and the United Nations headquarters.

How should people celebrate National New York Day? Start with the food. Buffalo is known for its wings. In New York City, it’s pizza. Or maybe a Waldorf salad. Or a Coney Island hot dog.

The State of New York has given America five presidents, including its most most recent, Donald Trump, and both Roosevelts.

Don’t feel like celebrating National New York Day? Well, it’s also National Chai Day and National Pecan Cookie Day, and the third Tuesday in September is also National IT Professionals Day. Applause Break only asked the comics about National New York Day for the video. IT guys and gals, maybe next year there will be a video for y’all.

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