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Embrace the Absurd

Fan of the wacky and wild? Happy National Absurdity Day. Celebrate along with South Florida comics in this absurd video.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Anything can happen today – for no apparent reason.


Well, Saturday, Nov. 20, is National Absurdity Day – which is right in the wheelhouse of South Florida Comics. Special guest Greg Hahn – a national touring comic who considers Boca Raton, Florida, his hometown – joins the fun for this video. That’s absurd enough.

Add to that Tampa comic Steve Miller, Connie Fernandez and her dinosaur, Steve Lamm, CJ Landry and Vital Dieujuste, and comedy fans have the makings of a video befitting the day.

The Applause Break video celebrating National Absurdity Day appears above.

So, why is there a National Absurdity Day? Why not?

In the video, the South Florida comics rightly point out that just about any day could be Absurdity Day. For Hahn, that’s pretty much always the case. And, yes, commentary on the recent political climate does creep into the video, but it’s mild and balanced enough for everyone to enjoy.


Fittingly, no one seems to know when National Absurdity Day came into existence. Perhaps it has always been. But now that it’s here, why not embrace the absurd?

Dieujuste offers some ideas for Floridians interested in celebrating the day. Applause Break cannot condone the reptile part of his advice, but otherwise have at it.

After partaking in the absurd, be sure to document it on social media and include the hashtag #NationalAbsurdityDay.

For those not feeling particularly absurd, Nov. 20 is also National Peanut Butter Fudge Day, National Child’s Day and National Adoption Day. All are nice days, but Applause Break will continue to embrace the inherent wackiness contained in absurdity.

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